New Strategy for a Sustainable Food System

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"We cannot solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them"

- Albert Einstein

FreshXpressions was established in 2008 during the Property Crash to support time and resource starved executives and senior managers keep vital projects alive and prepare their organization for future growth. Since then it has evolved its focus to help food businesses build the right capabilities to cope with the rapidly changing business environment and prosper in a demanding multi-stakeholder world.

Establishing business resilience is rooted in a sound business strategy. Strategy that moves beyond the idea of creating shareholder or even shared value, to an understanding of what creates systems value.The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a rude reminder of just how important it is to be prepared for unforeseen shocks and challenges.

To date, FreshXpressions has worked with customers in the Retail, CPG (Consumer Product Goods), Fresh Produce, SaaS and Packaging arena's servicing the food sector, to shape viable responses to the rapidly changing world we operate in.

The services offered by FreshXpressions enable clients to face the future with confidence!

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Agriculture, Food and Ingredient Sectors

As of March 2020 the world population was estimated to reach 7.8 billion people and will continue to rise. This presents both an opportunity and risk for companies operating in the agriculture and food sectors, depending on how they respond to the challenges and developments that will impact their business in the years ahead.

Freshxpressions is focussed on helping food, ingredient and agricultural companies develop a dynamic business strategy and enabling capabilities. This is essential to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow, in order for them to prosper now and in future.

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Systems Thinking

Understanding the sum of the parts

The current production and food distribution system is not properly structured to be able to deliver nutritious food without continuing to damage the very ecosystems it depends upon for its survival. To thrive in the future, requires an understanding of how ecosystems and human systems interrelate and can be integrated to build resilient companies.


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