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Getting Coffee

Change Management & Wellness Coaching

Empowering individuals and companies to adapt and prosper

Services Offered: Services
Working Together

Team Facilitation & Mentoring

Building Human Capacity

The success of my clients is my number one priority, which is why I like to remain involved in the implementation of a new business strategy in order to keep focus and attention on the importance of continued progress. 

To find out more how I can help in this regard, click the link below.

Analyzing the data

Performance Management

Measuring progress and Data Assurance

What does not get measured does not get managed. Also, incorporating the right information in the right format into meaningful reporting cycles is key to good performance management.

Group Meeting

Future-Ready Communications

Keeping Stakeholders Informed

Today its more important than ever to keep all stakeholders informed regarding the progress the business is making to be Future-Ready. Whether this is on sustainable packaging, improved labour relations agreements, regenerative farming practices or carbon reduction initiatives, Freshxpressions has a number of innovative solutions that your company can employ to get the message out!

Business Meeting

Advisory Services

Expert Advice and Insights

Many medium and small sized business do not have Advisory Boards or Steering Committees to help give direction and input to those tasked with implementing business strategy. Freshxpressions can help put together such teams which your business can benefit from.

Giving a Speech

Writing, Webinar & Speaking Engagements

Latest Insights on Sustainability Topics of Interest

Today technology makes it possible for experts to share their knowledge and insights from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a writer to write content on sustainability issues for your newsletter or a speaker that understands what it takes to build sustainable food systems, Andrew Southwood can be contacted to meet these needs.

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